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Commercial skylight TorontoCommercial skylights have become a popular choice in retail and business settings throughout the Toronto area. An increasing number of commercial entities are employing this option for natural light instead of choosing to outfit these areas with artificial lighting. But why is that? The reason lies in the benefits that commercial skylights bring. Not only are they an economically sound investment, they also boost morale of workers and consumers, and add to the wellbeing of people, which induces a positive outlook. Aluplex offer an extended range of glass and acrylic skylights that aim to create a more appealing commercial atmosphere in order to help customers engage with your business and to enhance productivity in the workplace.

How Do Commercial Skylights Help Boost Business?

  • Energy Cost Reductions – Skylights installation significantly improves the amount of light entering a commercial space. By installing skylights, you will find that during daytime hours, little to no artificial light is necessary to create an environment with sufficient lighting. This radically lowers energy costs as you cut out a huge portion of expenses dedicated to lighting your unit. Add direct sun heat
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – Artificial lighting has a limited time span and will often fail before the guaranteed life expectancy expires. This means costly repairs and maintenance to replace bulbs, to rewire, and to ensure everything is running accordingly. Our commercial skylights are of top quality, limiting the need for regular maintenance. However, if you do find yourself needing maintenance, we provide immediate high quality emergency skylight repairs.
  • Product Enhancement – Most artificial lighting is scored on its ability to replicate natural light. This is linked with how well it reflects colors and textures. Implicitly, no artificial lighting option is as good as natural light. Therefore, when you start utilising skylights, you’ll immediately notice that your products are better represented and can be seen more clearly by consumers.
  • Staff Morale – An integral part of running a successful business is ensuring that your staff is performing productively and effectively. Wellbeing and happiness are directly linked to this. Artificial lighting increases cortisol in the body, which is a predominant stress hormone that leads to illness and low levels of productivity. By ensuring that the maximum amount of natural light is utilized in your commercial space, you will find that staff perform efficiently and effectively, while keeping up a high level of morale, which also provides better service for customers.
  • Customer Happiness – Natural lighting is linked directly with happiness due to the high levels of Vitamin D that can be absorbed from the suns light. The customers most likely to buy your products or services will be those that are most happy and comfortable in the environment. We’ve worked with several clients in the Toronto area who have reported a direct link between the introduction of natural lighting through commercial skylights and an increase in sales.
If you think that skylights installation is the best move forward for your commercial space, don’t hesitate to call us for a consultation on (416) 665 4482. We're more than happy to come to your location to discuss how and why our skylights will benefit your retail or commercial endeavour.

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