What NOT to Do When You Need Emergency Skylights Repair

emergency skylights repair TorontoIf water has begun to drip from around your skylights there are plenty of folks who will say you need to replace them, you need a new roof or any number of other doomsday scenarios. If you find yourself putting out buckets to catch water leaking from around your skylights the most important thing NOT to do is… panic. Just take a breath and try to figure out what’s going on in a calm, rational manner before calling out for emergency skylights repair you may or may not need.

What Causes a Skylight to Leak?

Your beautiful skylights are supposed to let in the light, not the water but the fact that there’s water seeping in around your skylights isn’t cause for panicked calls to a roofer or general contractor or anyone else. The following list may help simplify the emergency skylights repair process (if repair is needed) by giving you some idea of what may have caused the leak.

  1. Your Skylights aren’t Actually Leaking- Huh? Leaking implies something is structurally wrong. Sometimes though, water is coming in because the skylights simply weren’t closed fully or properly. The more people in your home the better the chance someone left the skylight slightly ajar and that’s the reason for the dripping water.
  2. They’re Not Actually Leaking II - Sometimes a few drips is not indicative of anything other than condensation on the inside of the pane. Make sure that’s not the case before calling for emergency skylights repair.
  3. Faulty Installation - If you’ve just had your skylights installed and you notice dripping water your first call (after checking that the skylights are closed and the drips are not condensation) should be to the company that installed them. Get them back to your house, show them the problem and let them fix it.
  4. Faulty Flashing - Anything that penetrates your roof is surrounded by flashing to prevent water leaking in around the margins, that includes residential skylights. Poorly installed, old or damaged flashing is a common cause for water leaking in around a skylight.
  5. Cracked Panes - Storms, ice or heavy wet snow can send tree branches crashing down onto your roof. If your area was recently subjected to a violent storm or heavy snowfall your skylight may have been compromised by falling debris.
  6. Recent Roof Work - If you recently had the roofer over to make repairs or re-shingle your roof a wayward nail or dropped piece of equipment may have caused damage to the window pane or flashing.

Aluplex: The Right Emergency Skylights Repair Service

Once you have a better idea of the nature of the problem, give us a call. Our emergency skylights repair technicians will listen to your input, quickly determine the exact cause of your leak then have it fixed in no time. We’ve been fixing residential skylights in the Toronto area for more than 3 decades and have seen it all. We’ll get right to the heart of the problem and quickly return your home to normal regardless of the time of day or weather conditions.

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