Pyramid Skylights

Pyramid Skylights TorontoPyramid skylights, designed to be installed on flat roofs, are an artistic addition to any property and can help to improve lighting inside the building. Particularly effective when clustered together, our range of pyramid skylights is customisable to suit your needs. However, in order to provide our customers with the most effective skylights installation solution, we have compiled a list of things to think about when considering pyramid skylights to ensure that you make the right decision.

What Should You Consider with Pyramid Skylights?


Considering where to place your skylight is integral to its function. Understanding how to get the most from your skylight safely will ensure that you are completely satisfied once they have been installed at your property. One of the things that many customers forget to consider is the placement of the skylights themselves. If placed under an overshadowing building or a tree, the skylights will not function at their best as natural light is limited by these kinds of external factors. Equally, if skylights are installed on south-facing roofs, you’re likely to experience an excessive amount of sunlight, which may be damaging to your furniture. We, at Aluplex, know exactly what to look for in terms of placement, and would be happy to assess your building in order to comprehend where best your skylights should sit to achieve optimum sunlight.


You need to consider the size of the skylight you wish to install. From our experience in and around Toronto, we have found that people who install skylights often wish that they had chosen larger sizes to increase the potential for natural light to flood the room. Through a careful understanding of size and positioning, our staff is extremely qualified to help assess your property and determine which size would provide you with optimum light.


Lastly, it is vital to understand that installation is as important as the quality of the pyramid skylights. If installed incorrectly, this can have detrimental effects on the aesthetics and the insulation. Our emergency skylights repair team often find that poorly installed skylights will leak when it rains and also contribute to the property having a poor level of energy efficiency. Our standard of skylights installation is second-to-none. Not only do we have the highest quality products in Toronto, but we also provide the best installation service that guarantees a sleek, insulated finish. If you’re interested in installing pyramid skylights, just give us a call on (416) 665-4482. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in positioning your skylight and helping you to understand installation processes.

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