6 Reasons Why Residential Skylights are a Worthy Investment

residential skylightsThe concept of allowing natural light to enter a space from a window in the ceiling goes back at least as far as the Roman Empire. The 2,000 year old Pantheon (still standing in central Rome) is one of the earliest examples of this. It wasn’t until high quality glass became available during the industrial revolution however, that skylights became a common feature in people’s homes. Today, while nearly everyone agrees that residential skylights look great there is still something of a debate going on regarding whether they’re worth the investment.

The Many Benefits of Residential Skylights

Here’s our list of 6 reasons we believe residential skylights are worth every penny you’re willing to invest in them.

  1. Skylights Bring on the Light - A home with skylights is one flooded with natural light. So much so that during the day artificial light may almost never be necessary. Over the course of several years the savings on your electric bill alone will justify installing skylights.
  2. Skylights Bring in the Warmth - During the winter months in Toronto anything that can introduce more heat into a home without adding to the energy bill is welcome. During the middle part of the day when the sun is most intense having windows in your ceiling can help keep your house warm and cozy and help you keep the thermostat set nice and low.
  3. Skylights Add Resale Value - Whether used as part of a sunroom or scattered about the house to open things up and bring in light and heat, skylights add real bottom line value to a home, especially in a cold weather market like the GTA.
  4. Skylights Add Light While Retaining Privacy - In crowded urban areas privacy is an important concern for many people and residential skylights offer the perfect alternative to having a dark house in the middle of the day. If necessary you can pull the curtains and still enjoy beautiful sunlight flooding into your home.
  5. Skylights are a Plant’s Best Friend - There are plenty of places you’d like to have plants in your house but can’t because of the lack of natural light. Any room with skylights automatically becomes plant friendly and helps to make your entire home more beautiful and welcoming.
  6. Skylights Have Come a Long Way Since the Pantheon - Today’s residential skylights can be opened and closed by remote control and, if you like, come equipped with blinds that can be controlled the same way. Skylights are even available today that will close themselves if they sense rain or snow. Imagine if your garage door could do that!

Today’s residential skylights are marvels of engineering with a slew of practical applications that also just happen to make your home look like a million bucks. The days of single, fragile panes of glass sitting uneasily in slowly rotting wooden casements are long gone and today’s skylights will give you years of low maintenance joy, while adding real value to your home in the process. Call us toll free at 1-877-ALUPLEX (258-7539) to find out more about skylights installation in Toronto or emergency skylights repair.

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