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Skylights Manufacturers TorontoWhen looking to purchase products from skylights manufacturers for your home or for commercial purposes, it is incredibly important to recognise that top quality skylights are imperative to lasting effectiveness and efficiency. Low priced or cheap skylights are likely to leak or to only last a short period of time, costing you more in the long run through the need for frequent replacements. At Aluplex we promise the highest quality with all of our residential and commercial skylights. We do not compromise on materials, durability, safety checks or expertise. With 30 years of experience in the Toronto area, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide top quality skylights with exceptional customer service and skylights installation to support our products.

Why We Are One of the Leading Skylights Manufacturers in Toronto

As we pride ourselves on our ability to produce the best commercial and residential skylights in the area, we can promise to meet your requirements and expectations. We do not compromise on quality, instead ensuring we provide each customer the highest level of satisfaction. Here's a few of the reasons why our products are so popular:

Top Quality Materials

At Aluplex, our skylights manufacturers only use the best materials. Every skylight that we produce is comprised of the highest quality glass, double, with an argon gas lining to assist with insulation in the home. The high-end acrylic used is both translucent and white in order to allow light to enter the room without heat escaping. With the combination of our highly skilled engineers devising innovative designs, and our insistence on the best materials being used, our glass skylights get the job done better than any of our competitors' products.


All of our skylights are fitted with highly durable parts. All fixtures for operational windows are rust proof to prevent weather from reducing their lifespan. Equally, we provide a guarantee for any parts damaged before their expected lifetime of five years.

Leak Prevention

Our five year guarantee shows that we take pride in the designs our skylights manufacturers produce and you should not expect to see any leakage whatsoever. We prevent this by ensuring an exceptional standard of skylights installation, which stops water from entering through the flashing. Equally we have designed special condensation prevention mechanisms within the skylight to filter any condensation out, so that it evaporates outside and doesn’t enter your property.


With 30 years of experience in the field of glass skylights, our expertise is second to none. Whether you’re looking to install our products or call us for emergency skylight repairs, we know exactly how to solve the issue and meet your needs. Before settling on our products, we will assist you in choosing which skylight best suits your needs. Having chosen and installed to use our skylights, our expert aftercare team will ensure that your skylights are working exactly how you need them to. If you would like to inquire further about our extensive range of skylights or if we’ve convinced you to purchase our products, contact us on (416) 665-4482. We’re always happy to help with all of your skylight needs, from skylights installation to skylights repair.

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