Factors that You Must Consider Before a Skylights Installation in Toronto

skylights installation TorontoSkylight. The name alone evokes images of lazy, golden rays of sunlight streaming into cozy, attic bedrooms full of plush quilts and throw rugs. Maybe no other single architectural element gets the level of good press and goodwill skylights do. They evoke sophistication and openness, good times and heavenly views. But what about skylights installation in Toronto? Do they have a place in such an unforgiving climate?

Skylights Installation in Toronto: The Right Move?

Residential skylights get no shortage of love, it’s true. But not everyone thinks skylights installation in Toronto is such a great idea. Some complain that they’re energy inefficient, others maintain they’re prone to leaks and can be hard to repair and others will pan them for being difficult to keep clean. So who’s right? First we’ll look at some of the pros of skylights.

  • Skylights Add Sex Appeal to a Home - Due to whatever particular magic they possess skylights make nearly any type of space more interesting (even hallways!). They open things up, create new focal points and make any room plant friendly.
  • Skylights Add Value to a Home - Not only do they make your home more physically attractive they can also help reduce your heating, lighting and air conditioning costs. No less an authority than the US department of Energy says so. As such, homes with skylights are a particular favourite of buyers looking to embrace green living.
  • Skylights Create a Healthier Environment - Potentially dangerous molds grow in dark, damp areas of the home like the basement and attic. Toronto homeowners know this perhaps as well as anyone. By opening up your attic to the light of the sun you give these potential allergens nowhere to take root.

Okay so what about those potential “cons” we mentioned above? Is there anything to them or is it just sour grapes emanating from grumpy Gus who like the dark? Let’s look at those cons one at a time.

  • Skylights are Energy Inefficient - See above.
  • Leaks are a Major Problem - There was something to this in the days of wooden casements that would rot after being subjected to months of the brutal Toronto winters. Today’s vinyl skylights though, have all of their ancestor’s appeal and none of their structural weakness.
  • Skylights are Difficult to Clean - Of the three cons mentioned above this is the only one that has legs. Residential skylights will of course be more difficult to access and therefore clean than their right-there-on-the-wall cousins. It’s the one trade-off you’ll make in order to enjoy their many advantages.

If you’re considering skylights installation, Toronto is perhaps the perfect place for it. The additional natural light they’ll allow into your home will be much-appreciated during the long, dark months of December and January as will the relief they provide on your heating bill. People spend more time in their GTA homes than most due to the weather and skylights can help make that experience seem less confining and more inviting. Call Aluplex today at (416) 665-4482 to find out more about skylights installation in Toronto.

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