Why You Shouldn't Put off Skylights Repair in Toronto if It's Needed

skylights repair TorontoSkylights are an amazingly simple way to bring the interior of your home to life, reduce your electric and heating bills and add resale value to your home. Unfortunately they can sometimes develop leaks that should be fixed as soon as they are discovered. This is especially true of older skylights. Some folks will take a laid-back approach and not want to call for skylights repair. Toronto weather however, isn’t going to wait for you to take action and before you know it you’ll have a cascade of other issues that will make you wish you’d done something when the leaks first appeared.

The Downside of Delaying Skylights Repair in Toronto

Skylights are ideally situated to make the most of available sunlight. However, they’re also ideally situated to create maximum havoc with other elements of your home should something go wrong with them. Here are several problems caused by chronically leaky residential skylights you won’t have if you call Aluplex skylights repair Toronto.

  • Damage to Your Walls - You may know there’s a slow leak around one of your skylights but decide it’s no big deal because it’s not dripping on you while you watch football. But the fact you don’t need an umbrella to watch TV doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Water can seep from your roof into your walls where it can damage drywall, wood paneling, wainscoting and a host of other things that will require expensive repairs.
  • Damaged Furniture - Sometimes a slow leak, if ignored, will suddenly become a fast leak that rains down upon your expensive furniture, wood flooring and oriental rugs. If this happens while you’re out of the house one night or away on vacation… ouch!
  • Mold - Leaky skylights create perpetually damp areas in the ceiling and walls allowing mold to take hold and spread. Mold is a powerful allergen that can have a long term detrimental effect on everyone in the home if not rooted out and the source of the moisture repaired.
  • Damaged Flooring - A leaky skylight in the attic can cause damage to the floor that slowly spreads and becomes damage to the ceiling below which may result in damage to any wiring in the floor/ceiling and, well, you get the idea.
  • Widespread Damage to Your Roof - A slow leak around the margins of your residential skylights can allow enough water into the roof structure to cause widespread damage and require major repair and replacement work.

While a few drops of water may not seem like anything major it could be that the actual leaking has been going on for some time and is only now making itself known. Call Aluplex the minute you discover you have a problem for the best skylights repair in Toronto. We’ll be there regardless of the weather because we know that prompt, effective action is the key to staving off other issues down the road. Don’t wait for the problem to take you by the collar. Call Aluplex skylights repair Toronto today and save yourself time, money and major headaches tomorrow.

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