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Toronto Skylights RepairIf you find that you are experiencing leakage from your skylight, you will definitely need to call us for skylights repair. The moment you see water leaking from your skylight, the issue needs to be dealt with immediately in order to reduce water damage that can occur to your home. With 30 years of experience performing skylights repair in and around Toronto, here at Aluplex, we understand the major causes of skylight leakage in your home. Thanks to this, it means we can usually perform on the spot repairs to deal with the issue instantaneously.

What Are The Most Common Skylights Repair Problems?

There are two common skylights repair procedures that we perform regularly. Both have to do with leakages but each has their own root cause. Finding that source is imperative and we pride ourselves on our diagnosis skills.

Are your skylights leaking at the top?

If your skylights are leaking at the top, this will be characterized by streaks running down the walls, Equally, if you run your finger across the edge of the skylight, you’ll feel moisture. The likely cause of this problem is poor skylights installation. The issue will lie in the sealing; the point where the skylight meets the roof. If your residential skylights were poorly installed, water can make its way through the flashing.

Are your skylights leaking from the bottom?

If you find that your residential skylights are leaking from the bottom, this is likely to be a different matter altogether and one that is much easier to fix. Water leaking from the bottom is likely to be condensation. Unfortunately, condensation tends to form more prominently in the midst of a storm, meaning it is often confused for rain leak. If condensation is leaking, we can perform simple skylights repair techniques to solve this. Simply put, it is likely that the mechanisms in places to prevent condensation are damaged or clogged, and we can fix this quickly and efficiently.

Do you have flat-roof residential or commercial skylights?

If you have flat-roof skylights, this is a slightly different issue. It can be more difficult to pinpoint the exact source of the leak without using advanced technology. Luckily our skylights repair team are equipped with all the latest equipment to enable us to quickly recognize the source of the leak and attend to it accordingly. If you find that you’re having leakage issues with your skylights, you need immediate skylights repair. If you’re based in the Toronto area, do not hesitate to contact us or water damage could seriously affect your home. We are available any time on (416) 665-4482.

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