A Guide to Selecting Commercial Skylights

A great way to make both your business look good and to save money, commercial skylights are growing in popularity as people are becoming more and more aware of their benefits. If you’re considering buying a skylight for your commercial enterprise, here’s a guide that will help you to get the right skylight and help you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Commercial Skylights – Do Your Plans Comply with any Potential Regulations?

Skylights are a great choice for any business but, depending on where you’re based, there could be some red tape in the way that determines exactly how big you need your skylight to be. An example of this is in California; any building that is over 5,000 square feet must have at least 75% of the floor plan lit by natural light. These kinds of regulations vary depending on where you are, so it may be a good idea to check the rules of where you’re based before you go ahead and order. Or, better yet, have your skylight company or contractor do it. They’ll know the business inside out, and will be more than happy to offer assistance.

Consider the Materials

Commercial skylights are available in a few different materials, each with their own benefits. The most popular two are that of glass and plastic. Plastic skylights are the cheapest option and are great at providing softer lighting to your business and can be arranged in different colours and shapes to prevent glare or hotspots from occurring. Glass skylights are more expensive but typically last longer, prevent outside sounds from being heard inside and are easier to maintain. Glass is also more versatile, with a range of different glass types that can be tailored to provide exactly what you want in terms of light allowance and heat retention. Whilst both are good choices, you should consider in depth what it is you want from your skylight and how they’ll work in your property.

Choose the Right Style

When it comes to commercial skylights, three dominant styles are available, each with their own benefits.

Tubular skylights

A passive skylight, tubular skylights are the go-to option to provide light to smaller, more enclosed spaces. They work by carrying light through a highly reflective tube, meaning they’re a great option if you need to get your light deep inside a property.

Prismatic skylights

The prism-effect of these skylights means light will hit them and travel down far and wide, illuminating a large area with soft, natural light.


By following the sun via GPS, the mirror can move to reflect light down into the building, providing optimal levels of lighting at all times of the day – perfect if you’re worried about the amount of light.

Easier than it Looks

Whilst it may look like there’s a lot to consider, choosing a commercial skylight isn’t too hard. If you have an idea of what you want, simply talk to your contractor and they’ll be able to make most of the hard decisions for you, and you’ll be able to impress him by relaying what you’ve just read. There are plenty of choices but one thing’s for certain – skylights are definitely the way forward.




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