4 Benefits that Commercial Skylights Can Offer

Residential skylights have rapidly grown in popularity among homeowners in Toronto in recent years, but what about commercial skylights? Are they able to benefit businesses in the same way that they benefit homeowners? If you own a commercial property and you're looking to ensure its design is as efficient as it can possibly be, there are a number of reasons to consider having commercial skylights installed and we're going to discuss some of the main ones during this article.

 A Few Very Good Reasons to Consider Having Commercial Skylights Installed

How could commercial skylights possibly benefit your business? Aren't they just essentially planned "gaps" in the roof that let the light from the sun inside?! While that is a description that is technically correct, if not a little basic, commercial skylights can benefit a commercial operation quite significantly in many cases, as you'll find out below:

  • Considerable Energy Savings - In a commercial environment, one of the biggest drains in terms of energy usage is artificial lighting. Through various studies it has been found to account for approximately 40 percent of the total energy usage in the average commercial building. 40 percent! Skylights allow natural light to be used and reduce your dependence on artificial lighting to the point that it is used up to 70 percent less in most cases. This translates to considerable savings and ensures the initial outlay is recouped in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Creates a Healthy Environment - There are many studies that have been conducted that have found a lack of exposure to natural light and frequent exposure to artificial lighting can be harmful to your health. Commercial skylights ensure your premises is flooded with natural light containing vitamin D, which is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Natural light is also thought to have a positive impact upon mental health and this is thought to lead to greater productivity levels and fewer days absent from work.
  • Environmentally Friendly  The push towards being environmentally friendly and sustainable has been huge in recent years as the whole world pulls together in order to protect the earth's atmosphere and preserve its depleted supply of natural resources. Commercial skylights are a great way to reduce your company's carbon footprint and become greener, since you will consume less energy as a result of skylights installation, and the alternative you will be using is completely sustainable and doesn't give off any harmful by products.
  • Further Cost Savings - It's not just the  energy that is an ongoing cost when utilizing artificial lighting; the actual lights themselves and the bulbs (which need replacing) can cost a considerable amount in a large commercial property. And then there can be electrical issues that need repairing (not free either!). The light that filters through commercial skylights and into your property's interior is not only free but it's also uncomplicated and doesn't need any other form of technology to work.

If you're thinking of having one or more commercial skylights installed, contact the team at Aluplex for further help and information.

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