1. Curbmount Flat Roof Skylight
2. Curbmount Sloped Roof Skylight
3. Flashing System for Curbmount Skylight
4. Self Flashing Skylight
5. Operable Skylight - Curbmount Flat Roof
6. Operable Skylight With Inside Finished Drywall
7. Flat Glass Operable Self-Flashing Skylight
8. PVC Self-Flashing
9. PVC Curbmount
10. Circular Wall Mount Domes
11. Circular Skylight
12. Continuous Skylight
13. Cluster Skylight
14. Building the Lightwell (Shaft)
15. Profile Measurements
16. Profile Measurements Self-Flashing
17. Cross Section Detail Glass Pyramid Skylight
18. Cross Section Curb Detail Flat Roof Application Pyramid Skylight

Product features

  1. Welded one piece aluminum mounting frame for superior strength. Won't warp.
  2. Welded one piece extra strong aluminum retainer frame in mill finish or commercial brown. Won't crack or split.
  3. Styrofoam insulation in self-flashing units for all season protection against climatic extremes.
  4. Neoprene gasket between the domes prevents squeaking on expansion and contraction. Designed to allow air circulation and prevent condensation.
  5. Rigid PVC thermal barrier covers all interior aluminum surfaces, prevents icing and condensation, eliminates formation of condensation around interior of curb frame which could lead to leakage. Will not crack from expansion and contraction.
  6. Flexible one-way PVC draft seal, molded to thermal barrier, allows for expansion and contraction of domes and thermal barrier without affecting unit efficiency.
  7. Thermal air tunnel provides extra protection against transmission of cold from exterior aluminum frame.
  1. Self-flashing unit includes aluminum base frame and flashing. Designed for sloped roofs only, it provides a wider stronger base, allowing for styrofoam insulation. Higher profile for extra protection against damming.
  2. Curbmount unit includes aluminum base frame. Requires curb and flashing. Designed for any type of roof.
  3. Uniform thickness is achieved by using high tech continuous cast 3 mil acrylic formed into domes. Double domes provide good all weather insulation. Superior light transmission, shatterproof and impact resistant.
  4. Domes available in regular high rise (8") or low rise (3"). Either can be specified in single, double or triple acrylic in clear, tinted or translucent white.
  5. We provide a 10 year limited liability warranty on frames plus a 5 year manufacturer's warranty against leakage, defective materials or workmanship.


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