Pyramid Skylights: Advantages they Hold Over Other Types of Skylights

Move over, chandeliers, there’s a new way to provide lighting and style to your home. For years now, skylights have grown in popularity due to their sleek design and energy consumption benefits, but some are better than others. Here’s all you need to know about pyramid skylights and the benefits they have that others don’t.

When it Comes to Water Management, Pyramid Skylights Lead the Way

When we think of skylights, we tend to associate them with sunshine and give little thought to rain – but that could prove costly. Some skylights are better equipped to deal with rain than others, and a pyramid skylight is one of them. Whilst flat skylights are a great product, their retention of water both looks unsightly and could cause problems down the line. A pyramid, however, is much more effective simply because of its shape. Water will simply roll down, rather than gather, and so you don’t have to worry about it pooling and causing damage to your home.

Aerodynamically Sound

Some skylights may buckle under a strong wind, but the sharp, sleek corners of a pyramid skylight means it’s aerodynamic and is up to the test. With less wind pushing against the face of the skylight, you won’t have to worry about it potentially being damaged or flying away to Oz any time soon.

Aesthetically Pleasing

As welcome on your home as they would be in a gallery, a pyramid shaped skylight is definitely a headline grabber. For centuries people have wondered about the pyramids and now you have a chance to incorporate its style onto your home. Where some skylights may look as though they belong in the 70s, pyramids offer a sleek, minimal design that’s bound to get chins wagging and increase the curb appeal of your home.

Increased Lighting

Skylights are associated with letting the sunshine through into your property, and pyramid ones can do it better than others. By shining onto the prism, light is transferred down into your property at a wide angle, illuminating more than other types may. Not only does this mean you get more natural light for your money, the fact that it covers a wider area than other skylight types means that you won’t have to rely as much on electrical lights in your home. This can save on both your energy costs and your carbon footprint.

A Cheap Focal Point

Raising the roof level of your home will cost you thousands, but you can easily achieve a similar effect with a pyramid skylight. This will give your room a focal point around which you can organize you furniture to provide a sense of elegance that other skylight types simply can’t offer you.

Skylights – All are Good, but Some are Better than Others

Skylights are a modern, forward-thinking home improvement that can not only have save the planet, but save you money as well. As you’ve read, pyramids lead the way for the skylights, offering a range of benefits such as increased natural lighting whilst also looking great, too.




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