How to Ensure Pyramid Skylights Complements Rather than Spoil Your Roof

Pyramid skylights are designed to add a touch of visual interest and elegance to your otherwise mundane roof. They are primarily used on flat roofs and are often installed in clusters. They’re a high value aesthetic choice for both residential and commercial buildings but that aesthetic value can be compromised if, among other things, the wrong size of pyramid skylight is installed or they are installed without giving due consideration to their location. Below we’re going to take a look at the things you’ll want to consider to ensure your skylights complement rather than spoil the look of your roof.

Pyramid Skylights: Things to Consider

Pyramid skylights are the most effective way to bring light into your home or commercial enterprise all through the day. That’s because the pyramid shape allows them to capture light from every angle. Below are the most important things you’ll want to consider to ensure your skylights wind up an aesthetic asset rather than an aesthetic detriment.

  • Size – The size of the pyramids you install is crucial to getting the most out of their ability to capture light. In most cases our customers find that choosing slightly larger skylights than they originally envisioned is a good idea. Ask one of our experts to demonstrate how a slightly larger skylight can benefit your home or business both practically and aesthetically.
  • Positioning – Placement of your new pyramid skylight is as important as size. It’s one thing to select a larger skylight than you originally envisioned, it’s another thing to place it in a way that takes advantage of all the light it can capture. Placing your skylight on the roof under an overhanging tree is a mistake for 2 reason. First the tree will block light for at least half the day and second, if there is a heavy wind event you run the risk of a falling branch cracking or even breaking the skylight. The experts at Aluplex will be happy to help you determine the right placement for your skylights.
  • The Installation – You can have a perfectly sized skylight and choose the ideal location for it but if the installation is poor the skylight can wind up doing more harm than good. Water leaking in around a poorly installed skylight can rot the roof joists, destroy fiberglass insulation in the roof and walls and leak down onto carpeting and furniture. All that moisture in the walls can also become a breeding ground for bacteria and potentially dangerous mold. When the experienced pros from Aluplex install your skylights you’ll rest easy knowing they’re good to go for years to come.

Experience: The Aluplex Difference

Aluplex has installed scores of pyramid skylights for residential and commercial customers across the GTA. No one is more experienced and no one has as many satisfied customers. In order to ensure you choose the right skylights for your home or business contact the pros and Aluplex and talk to one of our skylight experts.




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