Would Pyramid Skylights Be Well Suited to Your Building?

Residential and commercial skylights are available in a wide range of different shapes and sizes, from flat skylights that are fixed in place to tubular skylights that are space efficient and very effective at distributing the sun's natural light, it's usually possible to find a model that is suited to the conditions at any property.  One of the most intriguing designs is that of pyramid skylights, which can be effortlessly integrated into the design of both new and period buildings, such is their versatility.  But how do you know whether they will be a good fit for your home?
What You Need to Know About Pyramid Skylights
The requirements and benefits associated with different types of skylights do vary and rather than rushing into a purchase, we would recommend you spend some time learning about the specific types of skylights that you're interested in. Here's what you need to know about pyramid skylights:

  • Can Be Installed on Most Roof Types - One factor that can influence the type of skylights installation that you ultimately opt for is the pitch of your roof. This is something you can't change, at least not without considerable cost, and certain types of skylight can only be installed on certain roof pitches. Pyramid skylights are quite versatile in this respect since they can be installed on flat roofs, although the "norm" is a roof with a pitch of 30 degrees.
  • Design Versatility - As we've already pointed out, pyramid skylights can be installed at both modern and period style properties and do a good job of complementing other architectural features, but they tend to work best on the former. This is because the clean, angled lines that these skylights boast tend to provide a very contemporary look and feel.
  • Maximise Natural Light - As pyramid skylights are multi-dimensional, unlike flat skylights, the amount of light that flows into the property through them is increased. More natural light further decreases your dependence upon artificial light . So if you're seeking to illuminate a particularly dark area in your home, pyramid skylights could be the best option.

The Different Options Available With Pyramid Skylights
Selecting pyramid skylights for your property is just the first step. There are then many other factors to consider before you even get close to the final product that will be installed at your property. Some of these include:

  • Glazing - Do you want acrylic or glass glazing? What about special films that can be applied during the manufacturing process to help control temperature and fading of interior design elements?
  • Size - While larger pyramid skylights do let more light into a property, they will also increase the interior temperature and potentially make your HVAC system work harder. The size needs to be carefully calculated.
  • Opening - Do you want to be able to open your skylight to allow for the circulation of fresh air? There are both manual and electric mechanisms that can be fitted to allow this functionality.

Pyramid skylights are a great option for many types of properties. To get further information on them or any other type of skylight, please get in touch with our friendly and experienced team in Toronto.

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