Signs that It's Time for a New Skylights Installation

While most skylights installed by reputable contractors do have some fairly lengthy life expectancies (20+ years for acrylic skylights and 30+ years for glass skylights), they don't last forever and will eventually need replacing. If they aren't replaced when they should be there can be serious consequences for your property. The problem is, it's not always obvious when skylights repair or a completely new skylights installation is needed, which is why we're going to point out a few telltale signs during the course of this article.
Do You Need a New Skylights Installation? Here's How to Check
Many times a property owner will only check the condition of their skylights from the interior and while they may look fine from this perspective, an inspection of the exterior may tell a rather different story. Here are the top indicators that you need new skylights installation:

  • Passed Their Life Expectancy - As already mentioned, acrylic skylights are typically expected to last for close to 20 years, while a glass skylight will last 30 years or more in many cases. If this time period has passed you may want to carefully inspect its condition, particularly in the case of acrylic skylights, as over time the materials do naturally age and lose their ability to adequately insulate your home.
  • Your Energy Bills Have Risen Dramatically - There are in fact numerous reasons why your energy bills could have risen significantly, but a decline in the condition of windows, doors and skylights is among the leading causes. If your doors and windows all seem to be in good condition, it could be your skylight that is allowing heat energy to escape and in turn force your heating and cooling systems to work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • There's An Obvious Leak - If your skylight sustains some serious damage and there's a clear passage for air and moisture to get inside your home, this is a sure fire sign that your skylight may need to be replaced. Skylights repair may be an option but a full inspection will need to be carried out to assess the level of damage in order to make an informed decision.
  • Clear Cracks - Skylights, particularly those made from acrylic, are not overly impact resistant and the plastic becomes more brittle as time passes by. If you happen to suffer a hailstorm in your local area or anything happens to collide with your skylight during a period of rough weather (not uncommon in Toronto), and you happen to notice cracks on the exterior, your skylight may need replacing.
  • Distortion of the Light - Again, this is an issue that is more commonly associated with acrylic skylights but can sometimes occur with glass models if they are not properly maintained. The acrylic may discolour overtime, which distorts the colour of the light itself as it filters through the skylight and into your property. In extreme cases the only way to remedy this problem is to opt for new skylights installation.

If you would like a professional to assess the condition of your skylights or you want us to inspect your property and measure up for new skylights installation, contact the Toronto based team at Aluplex!

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