Questions to Ask Yourself: As Recommended By Leading Skylights Manufacturers

Should you commit to skylights installation? Or should you leave it? It can be a difficult decision to make in some cases and before committing to an installation you must absolutely believe that skylights are the right choice for your property. While they offer a considerable number of benefits, including the ability to seriously reduce your electric bill, they do represent an investment and the level of financial outlay involved does mean it's a decision to take seriously. And let's not forget, skylights can't be installed at every property; the conditions need to be just right to make their implementation into your property's design possible. Below you'll find a few questions that most skylights manufacturers recommend you ask yourself before you start contacting companies to discuss a possible installation.

Skylights Manufacturers Advise You to Answer These Questions

Assessing the viability of something that you're not entirely familiar with can be difficult, but we've put together a list of questions that most skylights manufacturers would ask when inspecting your property prior to an installation.

  • Is Your Roof Trussed or Conventional? - Many people aren't aware of the answer to this question or its relevance. If it's the framing is conventional, it will likely be either 16 or 24 inches on centre, while trussed framing is commonly 24 inches on centre. The latter will typically allow you to integrate a 2 foot wide skylight into the roof. If you were thinking of something larger, the framing in your roof may need to be modified, which will undoubtedly increase the overall cost of the project considerably.
  • Are There Any Obstructions in Your Attic? - This rather more straightforward to answer. You would be well advised to do a sweep of the attic of your property, keeping a close eye on features that are integrated into the walls and ceilings, such as wires and pipes, as these elements could restrict where the skylight could be installed. In older properties in particular there are sometimes irregularly placed features that can impede skylights installation.
  • What About the Roof? Any Features? - You need to do the same thing for the roof. If it boasts features such as solar panels, fans or vents, these are all things that can limit where a new skylight can be installed. If your roof is packed full of solar panels you might have to re-think your plans to buy a skylight from one of the leading skylights manufacturers.
  • Will It Complement Your Home's Design? - The questions you should ask yourself don't all relate to the practicalities of whether the installation is possible; you have to think about how it will affect your property from a visual perspective too. Will it blend in with the other design elements on your property's exterior or will it stick out like a sore thumb?

These are just a few of the basic questions you should answer before having residential or commercial skylights installed in Toronto. If you would like to know what other factors there are to consider, pick up the phone and speak to a member of the Aluplex team today.

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