Skylights Repair or Replacement: Which Is Most Applicable to Your Situation?

Not all decisions are completely black and white and it's sometimes difficult to know whether a skylight can be repaired or whether it's time to "bite the bullet" and have it completely replaced. It's about getting the right balance in terms of financial outlay, convenience and performance once the work has been done. There's little point in paying for skylights repair if it's likely to break again a few months down the line. So how do you tell whether skylights repair or new skylights installation is the best solution in your situation?

Can Skylights Repair Fix Your Problem or is a Replacement Necessary?

It's always best to have a professional skylights repair contractor assess the condition of your skylights before committing to either course of action, but there are a few general rules of thumb that indicate whether it's going to be possible for a repair to be made. A repair will often work out far cheaper than a full replacement and if your skylight isn't particularly old it's always a smart choice.

  • Faulty Seal - If there is evidence of a minor leak, such as water staining around the skylight itself, it could be possible that the seal on the skylight is not functioning properly and the solution might be as simple as replacing this seal.
  • Flashing Issues - Leaks can also be caused by damaged roof flashing. There are skylight repairs that can remedy this issue without having to resort to a complete replacement, including the application of flashing cement around the perimeter of the skylight. This is more of a temporary solution, however, and in order to properly address this issue it will likely be necessary to remove the roof shingles that surround the skylight in order to install new flashing.
  • Condensation - This is a common issue experienced by many property owners across Toronto. This is because of where skylights are located and how convection currents transport warm air full of moisture in an upward direction. If the surface of your skylight is relatively cold, this moisture will be deposited here and may drip down onto furniture in your home. A skylights repair contractor will be able to suggest ways to improve the insulating ability of your skylight, such as with the addition of warm edge spacers, in order to reduce the likelihood of condensation occurring.

These issues can all be addressed by skylights repair, but when is a brand new replacement necessary? Here are a few major problems that are usually best addressed by new skylights installation:

  • Large Cracks - While a small crack in the glazing can likely be repaired, if there is widespread damage to the frame of the skylight and the glazing, it might be more cost effective to invest in a new skylights installation. The age of your current skylight will be a factor in the decision making process too.
  • Experiencing Frequent Issues - As a skylight ages and passes its life expectancy, you may notice that there seems to be an issue with the skylight every couple of months and the repairs that are carried out are nothing more than "quick fixes." This is usually due to the materials and mechanisms that comprise the skylight aging and there's no fix for that other than a replacement.

Whether you need skylights repair or installation, don't hesitate to get in touch with the team at Aluplex.

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