Skylight(s) shall be manufactured by ALUPLEX Skylights Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, M3J 2K8. Specified is Model No. ________ complete with (regular high rise 8") dome of (single) (double) acrylic in (clear) (tinted) (translucent white) (Curbmount) (Self-flashing), 6063-T5 extruded aluminum alloy frame (mill finish) (commercial brown).


Can be installed on any type of roof, pitched or flat. Ideal for asphalt shingle, tile, or cedar shake roofs. Unit requires construction of wooden curb and flashing. The ultimate for professionals.


  • Retainer frame in mill finish or commercial brown.
  • Regular 8" high rise or 5" low rise dome, single or double acrylic in clear, tinted or white translucent.
  • Operable skylight,  single or double acrylic domes, tempered glass in clear, tinted bronze or low E.
  • Hand operable or motorized remote control units.
  • Roof hatches with supporting gas shocks. 
  • Custom sizes and shapes, e.g. octagon, pyramid.
  • Custom colours.



Ideal for sloped roofs, the easy-to-install skylight. Designed for do-it-yourselfers, no need for wooden curb or flashing. Fast, economical installation. Aluminum frame, styrofoam insulated, designed for shingle roofs only.



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